Awesome Experience

The challenges within a project are for us the creative drive to innovate.
Expand your mind, make a change

We love our job

We are working with a small team of experts in their field. We are used to each other and we know how to work together. Less time lost during a project, more efficiency and fun.
Our approach maintains lean efficiency and swift delivery, working exclusively with an established team of external freelance professionals. With the capability to scale our team size according to each project’s scope, we ensure there’s no unnecessary overhead, keeping processes streamlined and agile.
Creative Director | Photographer


With more than 20 years in the Design & Marketing industry, Jean-Marie has been in charge of A-listed international clients in several European countries.

“I love to learn new things or skills and can get to the core of the project very quickly.”

Production Manager


Leona was, before joining CBI Production, part of the team in charge of international film production by famous Czech film studios Barrandov in Prague. Her rare quality of experienced production manager helps the team to keep all on track.

“I am able to multi-task during a project and can handle complications and unforeseen roadblocks without any problem.”